About Us

Branding Association of Malaysia is formed into an association that caters mainly to the need of brands across Malaysia in achieving success both in the domestic and International arena.
We set the runway for Malaysian brands to rise above in achieving its presence and connectivity across all continents in the world. Branding Association of Malaysia reaches out to local SME companies in bringing out their potential as a valuable brand.

The importance of a platform to share across ideas, strategies and branding tactics is a necessity for Malaysian brands to excel. Branding Association of Malaysia identifies this need and prepares Malaysian brands.

Since our inception in July 2000, we advocate unity among our members to allow us to position ourselves on issues and policies that may hinder the brand as a whole. Apart from achieving branding goals, our members will enjoy the benefits of being a part of unified voice that encourage effectiveness and change.

Branding Association of Malaysia is also the best vehicle to promote trust, cooperation among small and medium brands. This enables them to share across their branding strategies and gather more inputs in building towards a successful brand as a whole.

Last but not least, the Branding Association of Malaysia is an association that must be realized as a unified foundation with strong branding expertise in formulating and opening the gateway to the world for Malaysian brands.


Our Vision

Where is your brand headed?  Every brand needs to grow towards the right direction.

It is the Branding Association of Malaysia’s aim to see the rise of Malaysian brands throughout the whole world – through Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Through collaborations of our various resources and efforts, the Association will help local SMEs to introduce, develop and differentiate Malaysian brands into global markets everywhere.  We intend to share the uniqueness of Malaysia with the world as we increase our home grown branding knowledge and brand value through differentiations of brands in fresh markets.

Advancing worthy branding causes with our blue branding strategies, we support the growth of Malaysia for the benefit of all those participating in our country’s industries and businesses.


Brand Mission

What does your brand need to do?  Brand missions are stepping stones to achieving your ultimate brand vision.

We ensure that branding will grow in Malaysia and Malaysian Brands create the right impressions everywhere in the world through their differentiations, with the following missions.

  • Blue Branding
    To help micro, small, medium and large SMEs create differentiated brands and new market demands to grow their brand value through blue branding.
  • Ideas Platform
    To create a common platform for manufacturers, retailers, marketers, corporations, governments, volunteers and others to exchange ideas in the development of  brands and unite them in building their brand presence in fresh and new international markets.
  • Worldwide Research
    To conduct research and studies on market trends, and work together with local as well as foreign experts and professionals in adopting a holistic approach to the development of branding.
  • Branding Education
    To educate Malaysian society on branding and strategies by building brand awareness and disseminating branding information through leading edge programmes including seminars, workshops, conferences, international business study tours and more.
  • Providing Assistance
    To lobby the assistance of relevant government departments towards establishing internationally accepted branding and business standards, practices and systems in Malaysia.
  • Building Value
    To strength the Malaysian branding industry and the value of the Malaysian brands through blue branding for quality branding standards and competitive branding advantages throughout the world.