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What Makes Branding Association of Malaysia Tick?

The primary goal of the Branding Association of Malaysia is to educate the Malaysian business community about the importance of branding and provide a platform for them so that they can unleash the brand power of their own respective businesses.

Since our founding in 2000, we have grown by leaps and bounds, both in terms of size and stature. From our humble beginning as an NGO serving mostly SME community, we have developed into a well-recognised and respected champion of the national branding movement, inspiring thousands of business owners to pursue excellence in branding and connecting hundreds of members in various forms of collaboration and partnership.

Our visionary President work closely with Executives Committee to ensure that the association continues to progress and ascend to even greater heights. Activities fill our calendar year-round from meetings, networking dinners and learning workshops to dialogues with the government, courtesy visit to embassies and overseas trade mission.

We aspire to set runway for Malaysian brands to rise above in achieving their presence and connectivity across all continents of the world. We want our members to grow and shine. The reason for this is very simple – the collective success of Malaysian businesses will translate into the overall economic success of our beloved country.

With that said, the Branding Association of Malaysia wishing you “Happy Branding”!

Life Membership & Associate Membership:

The Life Membership to the Association is open to any business entity, be it a sole proprietorship, partnership, sendirian berhad or berhad who owns a trade mark or brand name. Life Members must appoint one representative to exercise their rights of membership and each member is entitled to one vote only. Life subscription fee for Life Membership is RM9000.

The Associate Membership is open to any non-Malaysian firm or association registered in Malaysia which is keenly interested in the Association’s programmes and activities and supports
the objectives of the Association. Associate Members are not entitled to stand for elections. Life subscription fee for Associate Membership is RM3000.

New Members be it Life or Associate, are admitted via invitation and recommendation only. Every application for membership, which shall be proposed and seconded by two (2) Life Members, shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary who shall forward it to the Executive Committee for approval. The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, either approve or reject
any application. The committee is not required to providing a reason for approving/rejecting an application.

Any member whose application has been approved shall enjoy membership rights and privileges only upon payment of the membership subscription under Constitution Rule 5.

Guidelines for Admissions of New Members:

Eligibility for submission is based on the following 2 basic criteria.
1) Locality: The brand must be available, established and distributed in Malaysia
2) Longevity: The brand must have been established in Malaysia for a minimum of 5
years or with exception given by the President or Key Exco.

Eligibility for qualification will be based on 5 key criteria.
1) Reputation: Is the brand generally perceived favourably by consumers and recognized as achieving the highest levels of excellence?
2) Market Share: Does the brand account for a significant market share by volume and/or value within its segment?
3) Awareness: Is there generally high awareness of the brand within its target segment of consumers?
4) Innovation: Has the brand been innovating itself to meet changing market demands and needs?
5) Recognition: Has the brand been awarded by any independent bodies due to its excellence in products or services?

14 days to remit the full payment upon acceptance of application or else assumed withdrawn.


Download Associate Membership Application Form

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