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BAM Business Pitching Conference – ZOOM Conference


Branding Association views government stimulus package as not taking into account prevention of layoffs and unemployment.  President, Datuk Eric said the government has already given all the incentives to the workforce. But SMEs need funding. Now since the government has not answered, so we at Branding Association has to continue to fight.

He also said, just a week half ago the business NGOs have already come together and submitted a memorandum to the Ministry of International and the Ministry of Finance and so, the stimulus package is totally didn't answer any of the things that the NGOs sort of requested or tabled. He stressed that it doesn't mean that it won't ever happen.  “We have to continue to tell the government what we need” he said.

“At Branding Association, it's very important for us to keep the business going. We initiated the business matching or business pitching conferences. We are providing a platform for members to help members or members to sort of do business with member. It’s just like a barter trade. This is not an ideal way to trade or to do business but in very trying times, it can be used” he said.

There are two types of conferences. The second type of conference is on problems and basically it is on the current situation, on labour law. Branding Association will also invite some of their members to share on business strategies.

“So, those will be the very practical knowledge-based conferences. And of course, there are lots of online conferences now but for Branding Association is within us and it’s good to have our own conferences going so that we know that we are not alone” he said.